Every stitch a statement. Every fiber an embrace.


I believe that vision demands execution. Over 30 years of hands-on expertise in industrial knitting has taught me how to manipulate fiber, stitches, tension and colour to bring my designs to life. I am fixated on tactility and driven to make every garment feel soft and warm, like an embrace.

As a perfectionist, I have an uncompromising attention to detail that keeps me awake at night. It’s terrible for my sleep, but does wonders for my knitwear.


I believe that style must make a statement. Each of us is shaped by particular times, places and experiences, and we all make aesthetic choices that express who we are. As a designer, my choices are deeply influenced by European art and culture.

While I am drawn to bold geometric patterns and powerful colours, I keep my overall style masculine and refined.


I believe that obsession fuels creativity. My love affair with knitting has remained undiminished for more than 30 years. Every element of knitting fascinates me; I take immense satisfaction from having an intimate relationship with each individual garment from fiber to finish.

Obsessing over each aesthetic and technical choice is both a pleasure and a compulsion. To say that I take knitwear personally is an understatement.


I make my scarves using only 100% extra fine merino wool—stronger than cashmere, chosen for its superior strength, luster and flexibility.
I am obsessed with achieving the right texture and feel. My garments not only look sharp, but also feel soft, warm and comforting.

I personally handle every step of the knitting process: from the sourcing of fibers, to the mix of colours and patterns, to the tension of each stitch, down to the finishing of every garment. Everything is designed and produced in my Knitwear Lab in the Netherlands.